13 April 2020

Rachel Saunders launches a Boom! Bang! Royal Meringue! draw-along!

Posted in: Children's books, Design, Illustration, Publishing, Special projects

If you’re struggling for things to do at home that help keep the kids entertained, Rachel Saunders might have something for you! “Doodle with a Poodle” is a draw-along tutorial, where Rachel takes you through all the steps to recreate the Cat from her picture book with Sally Doran, “Boom! Bang! Royal Meringue!”

Starting with the materials you’ll need to create your Cat character, Rachel’s tutorial moves along at a pace that makes sure everyone is able to follow, no matter their level of skill. The experience is a relaxing journey that helps you to leave your frustrations for a short while and immerse yourself in the act of drawing.

The perfectly trained titular Poodle; Winnie,  is on hand throughout the video… although she appears to have a conflict of interests when it comes to drawing cats.

You can find Rachel’s tutorial over on here instagram or by following this link.

Boom! Bang! Royal Meringue! is available from Andersen Press, you can pick up a copy here.