16 April 2020

Catherine Pearson brings Mr. Theodore Bullfrog to life for Youngs Beer

Posted in: Artists, Branding, Design, Illustration, Logo

Catherine Pearson has created new signage for the pub, “The Theodore Bullfrog”, a Youngs pub located in Charing Cross.

Working with art direction from the global creative agency John Knowles Ritchie, Catherine was challenged to create a “retro” yet modern artwork that would be harmonious with the elegant 1960’s architecture of the building itself.

“Technically, what I enjoy most during the creative process, is the texturization phase. For me, this is where the magic happens and where the illustration really takes shape.”

Catherine described working with an agency like JKR as an amazing experience, and she loved to bringing Mr. Theodore Bullfrog to life!

Photo Credits: Youngs Beer/ The Theodore Bullfrog