30 April 2020

Sarah McMenemy's illustrations depict the diabetic body in a new animation!

Posted in: Animation, Artists, Design, Illustration, Painting

Sarah McMenemy has created assets and illustrations for a public information animation, helping to raise awareness about the widespread problem of Diabetes across the USA.

Working closely with an animator, Sarah’s images grow and shrink as we enter the unseen world of our own bodies, giving us a glimpse into the way Diabetes works. Taking cues from the client, Sarah had to keep the visuals approachable;

“The client wanted to avoid it looking worrying or too medical, and therefore retain the viewers attention. I used a harmonious set of colours to depict the organs. The watercolour treatment allowed us to overlap and show positioning of organs in the body.”


Scanning her watercolours into photoshop, the use of overlays and transparencies perfectly depict the way glucose and insulin work with blood cells, taking visual cues from vintage biology encyclopaedias.

If you’re keen to learn more about how diabetes can affect you or others then we highly recommend taking a look at this latest animation from Sarah McMenemy!