6 May 2020

Aurelia Lange's online store is now open!

Posted in: Artists, Illustration, Painting

Aurelia Lange has been keeping busy through quarantine by revisiting her sketchbook and working her drawings into incredible oil paintings – portraits and scenes of a not so distant time when people themselves weren’t so distanced.

The hallmarks of Aurelia’s illustrations are present in these paintings; confident, gestural marks that coalesce into figures and faces, as well as limited colour palettes that range from strikingly bold – adding a confidence to the characters in the paintings – to subtler earthy tones that immerse figures in their surroundings.

You can now buy prints of Aurelia’s paintings via her online store, where 30% of all profits is being donated to Headway, a UK charity that supports people with head injuries or who have suffered a stroke.

To make a direct donation to Headway UK, click here.

To see more of Aurelia’s work, click here.