25 August 2020

Hannah Bailey illustrates a sushi feast for the eyes in The Ned.

Posted in: Editorial, Food, Illustration, Painting

Hannah Bailey was asked to illustrate a recipe from The Ned’s Asia pacific inspired restaurant; Kaia, to feature in the hotel’s in-house magazine.

Illustrating the sushi secrets of Kerry Chan, head chef of Kaia, meant that Hannah had to quickly familiarise herself with the world of rolling rice. Fortunately, The Ned’s instagram is constantly updated with beautiful photo’s of Kaia’s sushi dishes, providing perfecting visual reference.

Hannah found illustrating each element of the sushi-making process every bit as satisfying as the actual thing, with so many accoutrements like the bamboo mats, dipping bowls and chopsticks to dive into the details of. Hannah’s textured brushwork perfectly differentiates the materials each utensil is made of, as well capturing the different textures of ingredients that make up a California Roll. This is definitely a dish we are eating with our eyes, and Hannah has made sure that it is delicious.