7 October 2020

"Wild City", fully illustrated by Lucy Rose is out now!

Posted in: Children's books, Illustration, Nature, Publishing

Lucy Rose has fully illustrated Wild City, which is out now via Macmillan Kids! An exploration of cities around the world and the creatures we share them with, Wild City is written by award winning natural history author Ben Hoare. The book delves into the unexpected kinds of flora and fauna we find in urban spaces across the globe.

Lucy’s fantastic depictions of the animal kingdom make the pages a joy to pour over, as well as incorporating cityscapes and world famous monuments, all united with Lucy’s signature muted colours and grainy textures.

“I had to be strict on how much time I could spend on each page, it was very easy to get caught up in adding too much detail.”

Fortunately as readers, we don’t have that problem! So we highly recommend you grab a copy of Wild City, and get lost in the details Lucy has so lovingly illustrated!

Wild City is out now via Macmillan Kids Publishing.