9 March 2021

Daniel Long has two new animated illustrations in Pets At Home My VIP!

Posted in: Animation, Editorial, Illustration, Nature

Daniel Long has created two illustrations for the new issue of Pets at Home My VIP Magazine that were then animated for the online edition by Jack Snelling! One image accompanies an article about fur balls in long breeds of cats, and the other is about how to properly clean out your guinea pig hutch.

Commissioned by John Brown Media, Daniel approached each image differently, focusing on creating a leafy, lush scene for the long-haired cat to lounge in, while thinking more practically about how best represent the steps of the process in his guinea pig illustration;

“…the main challenge I faced was trying to connect the different elements of the Guinea pig hutch montage scene without using a pretty standard gradient/blur. I ended up using the same texture I used for the straw in the hutch to create some interesting separation”

Creating the work by going over his pencil roughs with vector shapes and then adding layers of brush and digital textures, Daniel enjoyed juggling all the different elements, which were then given life by Jack’s subtle animation.