2 April 2021

Amy Grimes's illustrations continue to inspire travel ideas in the artistically inclined in "Artistic Places"!

Posted in: Illustration, Nature, Publishing

Amy Grimes’s collaboration with White Lion Publishing continues with “Artistic Places”, the fourth book in the Inspired Travellers Guides series. Featuring 25 locations around the world, each one focusing on a different artist and looking at the way the location inspired their art. Amy’s artwork manages to capture something about the artist in each illustration, while also giving a clear sense of place and a recognisable location.

Amy created over 60 illustrations for the book, ranging from landscapes to cityscapes and interiors. In order to reflect the artist that the location relates to, Amy  focuses in a recurring motif or palette;

“So for example when working on a landscape in Catalonia that inspired Salvador Dali, I wanted to reflect the colours and bold composition he uses in his painting, but still working in my own style to make sure the book works together as a whole.”

Amy’s style still shine’s through,  her fluid drawing style has gone from strength to strength since transitioning to drawing directly on screen, “I’ve been working on an iPad confidently for just over a year now and it’s totally changed my way of working! I love being able to draw directly on screen, rather than using a graphics tablet but still always finish off every illustration in Photoshop.”

The series continues to have a unique and cohesive style, thanks to AD Julia Sone and designer Paileen Curry, and Amy’s artwork will assuredly be inspiring some travel ideas in any reader!

Artistic Places is out now via White Lion Publishing.