14 May 2021

Kate Forrester designs cover artwork featuring 14 iconic princesses for Disney!

Posted in: Design, Illustration, Publishing, Special projects, Typography

Kate Forrester was approached by Disney to design the cover artwork for their latest worldwide release as part of “The Ultimate Princess” campaign. The project brought together authors and illustrators from around the world to create 14 new inspiring stories about the iconic Disney princesses.

Wanting the cover to be typographic, with a central dominant title, who else better to call than Kate? The title curls around 14 silhouette illustrations of each princess, with their hand lettered virtues adding another subtle decorative element. Kate was mindful of the silhouettes being diverse and symbolic of each princesses individual style, “the client didn’t want any of the princesses to seem more important than the others so there could be no variety of size.” The large title combined with these smaller elements however, contribute to a very “full” feeling cover, appealing to Kate’s love of maximalism!

The cover was put together in stages, starting with the hand drawn title drawn on paper, and then refined in Fresco. After finalising its placement, Kate worked on incorporating the princesses, taking care to balance the image and then added some final hand-drawn details on photoshop;

” It was fun and challenging to work with such an iconic campaign. I enjoyed weaving so many things together into one legible design, giving it my own twist whilst still fitting with the Disney brand.”