13 December 2021

Maren Schabhüser crafts a beautiful paper world for membership platform Memberful.

Posted in: Branding, Design, Illustration

Papercraft artists and designer Maren Schabhüser has created 15 illustrations for US company Memberful, visualising the different categories and topics their platform covers in beautifully realised paper sets. Wanting to distinguish themselves form other platforms, Memberful commissioned Maren to help them craft a unique identity, “it’s not everyday the illustrations you see on a website or marketing materials are crafted entirely from paper.”

Working alongside the team at Memberful, Maren coordinated her illustrations with changes to their website redesign, “the challenge was to accommodate the complex sections of the website in one image so that all topics are represented and complement each other harmoniously.”

The result is a world of Maren’s making, expertly crafted and conveying the core areas of business that Memberful cover.