12 May 2022

‘Wild Places’, the 5th Inspired Traveller Guide illustrated by Amy Grimes is out now.

Posted in: Illustration, Publishing

This last week has seen the release of ‘Wild Places’, the fifth book in the inspired travellers guide series that Amy Grimes has illustrated for White Lion Publishing. Featuring 25 wild locations and over 60 illustrations, the book is a feast for the eyes thanks to Amy’s beautifully textured artwork.

With art direction from Julia Stone, Amy started the images on her iPad, before moving to Photoshop where she layers in handmade painted and pencilled textures, “I’ll then sometimes go back to Procreate to add final details and textures as I love drawing directly on the image using an ipad and apple pencil.”

“This was definitely my favourite book in the series to work on! I loved drawing all of the wild landscapes and trying to get as much colour and detail in there as possible. It’s hard to choose my favourite illustration out of the 60 but I’d say I’m especially proud of the image that ended up on the cover – it’s an illustration of the salt marshes at the Wadden Sea and all the different birds that live there.”