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20th September 2019

Rob Ball Brings the Mystical World of Fighting Fantasy to Life

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Rob Ball Brings the Mystical World of Fighting Fantasy to Life

This September, Scholastic released new editions in the cult ‘game-in-a-book’ series, Fighting Fantasy. Rob Ball has been producing artwork for the Fighting Fantasy covers for a number of years, but this the first time he has produced the interior illustrations as well.

When we caught up with Rob, he exclaimed his excitement about the project and mentioned that he grew up with the Fighting Fantasy books. He said, “They were instrumental in my love and obsession for fantasy worlds and speculative fiction, which continues to this day. In my loft – where I keep a lot of drawings from when I was a kid – I have faithfully kept copies of the original covers and interior illustrations of the Fighting Fantasy series.”

After having always wanted to be briefed a monochromatic commercial project, Rob was thrilled, but felt challenged by such a different creative task. It was also his first time completing interior illustrations for a book. Rob illustrated his work digitally and produced the roughs in a variety of ways – from sketches on the train to doodling in a pad in the evenings whilst ignoring the telly.

It was a mammoth task to undertake and Rob explained, “Each character was dreamt up and designed by me – based on the text descriptions – before being placed on the page. It was a time consuming process and unlike anything I’ve done before! The sheer variety of illustrations was a great challenge, trying not to repeat myself and, where possible, sneaking in little details for people to spot in the background of the drawings.”

As always, we are in awe of Rob’s inexhaustible imagination and can’t wait to see what mystical world he dreams up next!

Rob Ball Brings the Mystical World of Fighting Fantasy to Life
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