3 October 2019

Live Illustration Book Launch in Foyles

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The wait for the next Book of Dust installment is finally over! Philip Pullman’s newest novel makes the reader question their understanding of the world they live in, whilst delving deep into the next stage of Lyra’s epic adventure.

The cover was illustrated – once again – by the endlessly talented Chris Wormell. Chris has captured the book’s highly narrative, atmospheric storyline exceptionally well, and his use of warm, sunset colours beautifully contrasts the cool blues of La Belle Sauvage: The book of Dust Volume One.

We caught up with Chris on publication day in Foyles Bookshop, where he was live-illustrating a large recreation of The Secret Commonwealth book cover. Chris paints his live-illustrations from the foreground to the background – working backwards – so that his work looks striking through a window. When we arrived, Chris was busy illustrating on glass with uni POSCA Paint Markers and signing books for loyal fans.

Get down to Foyles to see Chris’ illustration and pick up a copy of the book now!