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18th June 2020

Kate Forrester brings a dark and stormy night to life!

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Kate Forrester brings a dark and stormy night to life!

Kate Forrester has collaborated with animator Johnny Lu to create an extraordinary animation based on an illustration of an ongoing series of sexist cocktails.

The impetus for the image came from Kate’s interest in the way certain products are gender specifically marketed, “No men drink rosé, right?”

Recognising that her signature lettering naturally lends itself to being animated, Kate contacted Johnny Lu, a Brighton based animator and after effects artist to bring her image to life.

Collaborating with Johnny was interesting as I gave him hardly any direction, specifically to see how would interpret the implied movement of the image.”

There is a surprising amount of storytelling in such a short space of time. The animation opens with rain against a dark sky, foreshadowing the reveal of the title and alluding to the cocktail. This continues into the way the letters gradually reveal themselves, emphasising the curls and fluid motion present in Kate’s lettering continue to build anticipation until the sailer takes their first sip!

I am definitely keen to work with more animation in the future and I always love a collaboration.”

That hopefully means that we can expect to see more Kate Forrester/Johnny Lu collaborations in the future, we can’t wait!

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