26 June 2020

Lucy Rose keeps busy creating cushion designs!

Posted in: Artists, Design, Pattern design, Special projects

Not one for a day off, Lucy Rose keeps busy creating beautiful cushion designs when not working on commissioned projects.

Starting with research on a particular subject (normally exotic birds, animals and plants), Lucy begins to sketch out composition ideas and settles on initial colour palettes, “I think this is a really important and time consuming stage for me and it’s very likely I will spend time at the end also tweaking them”.

Creating the basic drawing on ProCreate and then building the image up with layers of texture and colour on Photoshop, Lucy will then use this single image to create her repeat pattern;

“This is definitely the most challenging stage, sometimes an image can work well until you repeat it; you can find a single colour has been used too heavily or a certain shape doesn’t look right. It’s quite a fascinating process and makes you look at your illustration in a different light.”

After a lot of moving and adjustments, Lucy sends her designs off to be applied to fabric, creating cushions that bring a little bit of the outdoors into the home. We can’t wait to get our hands on a few for the office!

To grab yourself one of Lucy’s cushions, click here.