Heather Gatley has illustrated an in-store mural design for Canadian Liquor retailer LCBO, following on from a previous mural for their craft beer station, this time it’s all about “coolers”; cocktail mixers to keep cool in the warm weather.

Keeping the same style as the original mural but updated with vibrant, summery colours, Heather took inspiration from vintage cocktail menu designs for the palette as well as the typography.

Comissioned through the Artworks US sister agency Mendola, Heather worked closely with the marketing team at LCBO to make sure all the technical requirements wouldn’t hinder her creativity;

“I made lots of drawings of different cocktails in all kinds of glassware and a lot of experimenting with hand-drawn type. I scanned my favourite components in to Photoshop where I figured out the composition and was able to mess around with colours etc to create the finished artwork.”