19 July 2022

‘All aboard’! Check out Lucy Rose’s style frames for Capitol One!

Posted in: Advertising, Animation

Lucy Rose has collaborated with Capitol One U.S., creating a series of style frames for a short animation called ‘All Aboard’ , focusing on the theme ‘how paying whilst travelling has changed throughout the years.

Beginning with lots of discussion with the client after receiving the brief, Lucy had to work within the brand guidelines and delivering an overview of how things have changed in paying while travelling over the years, from the 1940’s through to 80’s and to the current day. Preparing images for animation however provided a new set of challenges that Lucy was more than up for tackling;

The biggest challenge for me on this project was trying to look at it through an animators’ eye. Knowing it needed to me animated meant every element of each scene had to be on a separate layer. Especially the figures, I had to get my head around the fact each arm/ leg/ hand had to be separate from the rest in order to give as much movement as possible. It was such great fun though and I have learnt a lot more about animation from this project.

Lucy Rose, Illustrator