19 January 2022

Katie Ponder illustrates this year’s performances for Glyndebourne.

Posted in: Advertising, Design, Illustration

Katie Ponder has been commissioned by legendary opera house and estate Glyndebourne to illustrate a series of artworks promoting the different performances at the summer festival and winter tour 2022.

Given top secret insight into this years productions, Katie’s images are a response both to the music and Glyndebourne’s renowned artistic direction;

“I was extremely lucky as I was given top secret insight into the productions -even allowed to watch a few recordings! Glyndebourne is known for having really imaginative and alternative takes on traditional operas which they keep tightly under wraps before things go on stage -so it felt very special to be welcomed into their world and have some wonderful sneak previews on what their productions are going to be like this year.”

Immersing herself in the world’s evoked by the performances, Katie’s digital collages give each Opera a unique identity that subtly allude to the narrative elements in each, “it at times felt a little overwhelming reducing such grande and iconic operas into one little image.”